OC Founders

Kelvin CurryKelvin and Melanie Curry are a married couple who serve as the founders and directors of Organized Chaos.  Early in their marriage, the couple began to work side by side as Program Coordinators for a faith-based agency in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  They were also volunteer teachers of their church's children's ministry before becoming ordained as their church's Children's and Youth Pastors.  The Curry's have nearly fifteen years of experience with serving youth and families in the non-profit sector.  In that time, they have been effective in teaching and mentoring elementary school children, middle school, high school, and college students.  Since 2005, the Curry's have provided church services and character development lessons for youth who are incarcerated in Florida's Orange and Seminole Counties.Melanie Curry

Kelvin holds a B.S. degree in Business from Duquesne University and Melanie holds a B.A. degree from the University of Pittsburgh.  Although their credentials are beneficial in working with youth and families, these qualifications are not what matters most to Kelvin and Melanie.  In fact, it is their love and passion for young people that serves as the focal point of all that they do.  This love and passion for people is the legacy that they desire to leave for their children and the many youth influenced by their ministry.  Together, the Curry's bring the love of Christ and His message of grace to hundreds of thousands of young people.  Their vision is to create opportunities for positive, permanent change in the lives of youth and families through Organized Chaos.  For they believe that with God, "All things are possible!"